As Dear As Salt


A reader recently commented on one of my posts saying, The recipe was bland and only after I added salt it tasted fine. I looked up the recipe and realized that though I’d mentioned Salt to taste in the ‘Ingredients’ section, I’d forgotten to state when salt was to be added in the “Directions”. Never would I have imagined that this oversight could pose such a problem. I soon figured that most of my recipes had this slip.  Though I did update that particular recipe, and though I promise to keep in mind the need to cite add salt in my future recipes, my nonchalance in such matters and the fact that my middle name spells LAZY makes it quite obvious that there is possibly no way I would even consider updating 100 and odd recipes as an option. So here’s a disclaimer I’d like to make for all my old and probably future recipes —

All my recipes recipes call for salt – ‘to taste’. Unless and until I mention a  “pinch” (like in cakes and desserts)  or unless and until salt is missing even in the “Ingredients” section(like milkshakes and sometimes cocktails) you just have to assume that to bring life to your dish you DEFINITELY need to add salt to your taste.

At what point you add the salt is totally your preference. Some like to season during the process of cooking and some prefer right at the end when the cooking is all done. Do whatever floats your boat.  Here’s what I follow, while cooking veggies that are tender like in stir-fries etc, I add salt right at the end just before switching off the flame. That for me ensures the the veggies remain tender but not over cooked. And while making stuff that take longer to cook, like meats etc, I season initially during the process of cooking and when it is all cooked I adjust the salt towards the end once again. And obviously while baking or making desserts I have no choice but to  add salt when I’m mixing up the ingredients.

Of course since I’m mostly a self taught cook and not a trained chef, I suggest you take all my recommendations with a ‘grain of salt’ 😉

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