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I’m back. 2 months of pure fun, being pampered and spoilt by family and friends over in a blink of an eye. Oh well I guess, such is life. Everything comes with an end. I just need to learn to treasure the moments and hold on to the lingering memories. But before I get all sappy and bore you with the – how lost and homesick I feel right now, I have a few more delightful recipes and pictures of the food back home that I’d been overfed with in the last couple of months.

BitterGourd–Carrot-Mango pickle / Pavakka Carrot Manga Achaar

IMG_3237This is my Mom’s all famous  mixed pickle recipe that comes together fairly quickly and one of my favorites. Like all mothers do my Mom eyeballs all her ingredients and so the proportions tastes… [Read More]




 Chiratta Puttu and Kadala Curry (Black Channa Masala)


Puttu and Kadala or Puttu with banana and sugar is one of the most popular Kerala breakfasts. I hated it as a child. I found it insipid, dry and boring then and wondered how my folks ate it with such relish every ..[Read More]




 Aam Ras

IMG_3291_@ This delightfully tasty dessert is perfect to cool you off on a hot summer’s day. If you have really over ripe mangoes that are not going look too great to serve because they are oozing from all sides, it is a good idea to make a simple Aamras out of them. [read more].




 Dharwad Specials

IMG_3288Anyone reading or following this website, by now would have realized, how important family and friends are to me. And yes, I have plenty of them. There is no denying that sitting in pajamas all day, writing about feelings, activities in the kitchen, .. [more, coming soon]








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