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My Mom always had a full house to run. A bedlam with four girls, a husband , dogs, cats, and at any given time, at least one member of the extended family seeking temporary free boarding while looking for a job or applying for schools in the city. There was never a quiet moment or a dull day and I can’t speak for her, but I loved the melée. Looking back though, now that I have my own house hold to run with just three of us, I wonder  how she managed it all. I work from home mostly, have a preschooler who goes to school, part time and a husband who can eat leftovers, manufacture date of which is beyond the dinosaur era. Yet, at the end of most days I see them cowering around the wife/mother whose exhaustion has transformed her into an ogre at sundown. On very bad days the husband and son, duck from objects hurling at them from out of nowhere and, on not so very bad days, they are ever ready to serve the monstrous brute with back rubs and massages while she bawls and sobs uncontrollably for God knows why!


My Mother on the other hand, worked a full-time job as a high school physics teacher and traveled to work in a chaotic city using the unreliable Bangalore public transport. Yet, when she was back home, after all day having earnestly tried to drive scientific wisdom into ruffians and naughty rascals, she rolled up her sleeves and magically served a lavish warm dinner for the entire household. Of course, before taking off to work she made sure we were adequately stuffed with hearty stovetop breakfasts and our back packs swollen with heavy lunch boxes. Not to mention while juggling the cooking, cleaning, teaching and tending of beasts and humans (go ahead, roll your eyes) she managed to squeeze time for her vegetable garden, which, in no way was a small affair. With all the coconut, tapioca, drum stick, papaya and lemon trees, gourds, yams and the curry leaf plants she definitely did her farmer Dad, proud. So, it is only fair that I carry suspicions that, she either was a superwoman or she was pumping her self with steroids. PsstI think she sleeps with her cape under her pillow because I haven’t found it in her closet.

In my saner moments, when I dissect how my mother managed this tall order of a working mother/wife/hostess, apart from her ability to just go-go-go, the huge kernel of truth that strikes me is that, she was a very smart woman who had her priorities right.  She ignored the dust behind the TV and instead prepared for her classes, avoided idle gossip with the neighbors and sought solace in her flourishing garden, helped a failing child with language while folding up the laundry and discovered lots of shortcuts and improvisations in the kitchen to serve fresh at every meal for the family in spite of her ever busy roster. No super human powers just plain – competent.

This recipe is one of her many easy to make breakfast, that comes together in a matter of minutes but provides all the carbs and proteins you need to get you going for the day. The recipe makes a single serving. You can increase the servings by multiplying all the ingredients with the number of servings you want. The first recipe is an exact of my Mom’s, that uses curry leaves. The herb gives an unusual flavor and aroma to the wrap and I always like to have mine this way. The second wrap recipe is modified to my son, N’s American tastes. I’ve used cheese, mushrooms, baby dill and a flour tortilla instead of roti. The best part about this dish is you can mix/match/omit the ingredients based on an individual’s taste without too much work. Only now I realize why my mom made this so often as breakfast for her big league, where no doubt on any given day, had a minimum of five different orders for breakfast.

Ingredients (for egg wrap with curry leaves)

eggwrap32tbsp finely chopped onion
1 egg
1 tbsp of milk (optional, helps soften the egg while cooking) 
1/2 tsp finely chopped green chilies (replace with ground black pepper if you don’t do chilies)
1 medium sized roti (Indian wheat bread)
2 finely chopped curry leaves
*updated on 03-05-2010* 1/5 tsp of ginger garlic paste (if you read the comments below, this one is from my sister. Must say it makes a huuuuge difference)
1-2 tsp refined oil/ghee
salt to taste



  • Beat the egg and milk to a fluff.
  • Add salt,  onion, chilies and curry leaves.
  • Smear a hot non stick skillet with oil.
  • Pour in the egg mixture.
  • Top with a cooked roti.
  • Cook on medium heat for a minute or until egg is just set.
  • Turn over so the roti hits the floor of the skillet.
  • Roll up an let it cook for a minute or so.
  • Serve with chili or tomato sauce.

    Ingredients (egg wraps with cheese and veggies)
    eggwrap51 tbsp finely chopped onion
    1 egg
    1 tbsp of milk (optional, helps soften the egg while cooking)
    1/2 tsp finely chopped green chilies (replace with ground black pepper if you don’t do chilies)
    1 medium sized flour tortilla
    1-2 tsp refined oil/ghee
    2 tbsp chopped mushrooms (any veggie that goes well with eggs, like bell peppers, asparagus, tomatoes etc)
    1 tsp baby dill chopped fine
    1 Tbsp. grated cheddar cheese
    1 six inch whole wheat tortilla



  • Smear a hot non stick skillet with oil
  • Sauté onion ,mushrooms & green chilies
  • Beat the egg, salt and milk to a fluff.
  • When onion turns translucent pour egg mixture over the top.
  • Sprinkle cheese, baby dill and top with tortilla.
  • Cook on medium heat cook for a minute or until egg is just set 
  • Turn over so the roti hits the floor of the skillet
  • Roll up an let it cook for a minute or so.
  • Serve with chili or tomato sauce
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    1. sonia says:

      hey julie,
      add some ginger and garlic paste to the egg. gives it a distinct flavour.

    2. Vidya says:

      i’m impressed!! i have been thinking of composting my trash, but having starting trouble… this is a motivation for me to begin. thanks 🙂

    3. Vidya says:

      I remember everytime i came ur place, there were at least 3 veggie sides ( apart from the non-veg dishes) and i would be amazed…. also i rememeber she saved the dish-washing water for watering the plants!!

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