Pregnancy Take 2


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Howdy folks!! I’m sorry, I’ve been long quiet. Didn’t mean to. Thought every other day I would get back. But each of those days for reasons of their own often killed my enthusiasm for blogging. Like the title says already, we are pregnant again :). That obviously is  my pathetic excuse for the long absence. We’ve been well. The baby inside me is getting lumpy and my two boys have been the best I could  ever wish for. Over indulgent and ever ready to please me they are exactly what any woman could want. For their charming behavior and for my ‘only existent during pregnancy’ luscious mane of hair and dimples I wouldn’t mind staying pregnant and carrying this baby well into adulthood ;).

Anywhoo, I’m back and I hope to stay. In a couple of months Mom is going to be here to help with the new baby and it would be outrageously sinful if I didn’t post all the amazing food she is going to ‘insist on’ making. Yes, she is coming to help with the baby. But while at that, on her own accord, she will take over my house, my life and my SOUL. And that’s why I’m back Internet, to prepare you for all my ramblings in the future months, For my now faithful boys, will soon shed off their adoring skins and take cover under their grandma/mil’s wings and I will be left all alone holding on to my postpartum blues for company. And I’ll have only you Internet to hear me out then and in gratitude  I shall throw in some good recipes amidst the sobbing to make it worth your while. As a overture for the future and in a desperate attempt to entice you to come back in spite of my drone here are some yum recipes.

Vegetable Biryani – Chettinad Style

IMG_9199Known to be the spiciest and the most aromatic cuisine of India, the Chettinad cuisine is one of my favorites. I’ve spent many glorious evenings in Chennai wiping away plates of Biryani and sucking on spicy succulent crab meat while my totally [read more]







Pork Fry – Coorgi Style


Many things about the Kodava community fascinated me right from when I was a child. Their gentle and good looking men and women folk, their intriguing customs, distinctive dressing and sweet sounding language always brought [read more]







Navrathan Korma


Navratan Korma, meaning a mixture of nine gems is a delicious vegetarian dish from the Mughlai cuisine. The nine gems indicate the nine veggies, fruits and nuts that go into the dish. Influenced by the imperial kitchens of the Mughal empire this is as grand and as rich as any vegetarian dish can get. [read more]

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  1. ABC says:

    My wife is pregnant, i am scared about spices ,can anyone suggest me?

  2. shalini says:

    congrats on being preggers 🙂
    i have been following your blog and it seems that you cook with your heart 🙂
    would you, by any chance be knowing the recipe for a pickle the Tamil’s back.. with peppercorns .. i think its called (excuse the spelling) vatsakolumbu…


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