What was that again?



The last one year for Nish who turned 4  in September has been profound in terms of mental maturity and verbal acquisitions. His preschooler sass, innocent fumbles, wise observations and insightful witticisms never fail to amuse us. Our days would definitely be dull without him.

Here are some of his quips for some laughs—

Ma, can you please leave the bathroom? I need some privacy.

Pa, you need to listen to Ma, ok? him is the only grown up in this house.

Ma, grow up!

Hey Pa, can you turn on the lamp? I need some sun light in the room.

Ma, when I was a baby in your tummy did I come out when you threw up?

Ma, I don’t need a baby brother or a baby sister, can you make me a baby puppy instead?

Reciting the Lords prayer – Our Father in heaven hallowed be thy name ……do not bring us to the test but deliver us from Eagle – Amen

And these might be incriminating for my food blog, but nevertheless ….

Ma, I only said it smells good, I didn’t say it tastes good.

Ma, this tastes  funny. are you sure it is food?

Aloo Gobi

IMG_8647Well since I could never bend it like Beckham I chose the easier alternative and learnt to make a killer Aloo Gobi. I consider a bowl of Aloo Gobi perfect when the potatoes and the cauliflowers remain )…[read more]






 Methi Pulao/ Fenugreek Leaves Rice Pilaf

IMG_8794Methi Pulao is something that I usually make when I’m entertaining vegetarian friends.  No reason in particular. But since I’m a big fan of the flavor of fenugreek leaf flavor I just assume every vegetarian out ….[read more]





 Kadai Paneer


This all famous colorfully vibrant Punjabi dish goes perfectly well with all Indian breads. This is a very simple dish to make but can look very attractive on the table when you are entertaining. It is not just about the looks either, it tastes amazing too….[read more]

3 Responses to “What was that again?”

  1. Deepthi says:

    Julie nish is too cute…..btw u deserve a pat on ur back for this fantastic website looks like you are in the footsteps of becoming our desi nigella lawson….its wonderful & everything looks so delicious (even the non veggies though i don’t eat them;-) i’m definitely going to try many of them. I love the images & your narration is superb! seriously u should take up a new profession – ‘writing’. i’m sure u’ll be a great success.

    Congrats & keep sharing more recipes.

    Happy cooking!

  2. Vidya says:

    OMG Julie!! He’s got a great sense of humor!! Or maybe it’s innate talent.. I wish to see him now…. Akash n he will be love each others company I’m sure

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