The author of “Sinful Curry”, Julie Tharakan is a bay area software professional. She lives in San Jose with her husband and sons. She enjoys cooking as a hobby.

Sinful Curry is her  journal as she explores the vast arena of the culinary world.  She covers a variety of cuisines though most of her recipes are influenced by her deep Indian roots.

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  1. Lee says:

    Hi Julie,
    Wonderful website. I read an insert on the page and would like to send you an email offline due to the fact that it touched me.
    Please let me know if it’s possible

  2. Ali says:

    Hi, I really like the way you tell a story, people sometimes miss the story of how things are and what makes them special. they go straight to recipe and the person reading this recipe misses the essence of the dish

  3. Ronie says:

    ENDE CHECHIYE ….hats off to you. you blog has to be THE PLACE to come to after watching the movie SALTNPEPPER. HAHA. Keep up the fantastic job 🙂

  4. nandakumar says:

    hai jules,

    excellent work. i wonder how you manage your time.u are good at work,extra curricular, cooking , and i am afraid u coach for swimming or any sport?.anyway i love your recipes. many thanks .one day you will become a master chef in the us whether you like it or not

    • julie says:

      lol. ..thanks, nandakumar. no doubt master chef in the US would be fine and dandy! but it is the approval of my lil’ boy at the table, that i bite my nails for!

  5. Kavitha Jadhav says:

    Awesome website! Very fresh, love the green background!! You have an eye for details and are a great narrator. I am thinking you can also step into writing short stories or novel perhaps. Btw, I look forward to meeting you more often for lunch/dinner ;-).

  6. Athena says:

    Hey Julie….I love going thru your recipes ..and kerala food is one of my favourites…and you’ve shared so many homemade secrets that the recipes rock…the photos are absolutely delightful and Im going to try each of your recipes….Keep it up lady….

  7. julie says:

    thanks. my trick to entice u guys to come over to the south bay more often.


  8. Shashi Kiran says:

    Amazing site, and more so because I never knew about this hobby of yours. Great site, mouth-watering dishes, excellent photos and tips spiced with delicate humour. Love it!!

  9. julie says:

    hey mala,

    thank you. that was truly motivating.

    no doubt sophie, one of my main inspirations for cooking, will treat you with perfect and even better recipes until you gather up some courage…but trust me, cooking like swimming though looks intimidating initially is innate to all. just take the first plunge.


  10. Mala says:


    I am so Proud of you. This is amazing. I recently saw the movie Julie and Julia, you are so much like the Julie there.

    I watch Cookery Programs, read recipes for leisure but have never ever been brave enough to try any of them, recipes I mean, not the final output.

    I will ask Sopihe to try all of it and master them to perfection and invite me to her place for the meal


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