Boring is What I Long For



If a slug and I were ever to race, it would get light years ahead of me and eventually reach the finish line while I’m still deciding on the bow-tie or the inside-out style for my shoe laces.  Yes, that’s how laid back I am, and always will to be. While others thrive on the pump of adrenaline, I go out of my way to avoid it. And if it were up to me, What are you NOT doing over the weekend, is what I’d prefer people enquiring. A quiet weekend with absolutely nothing to do is something I would often like to look forward to. I don’t understand why people don’t get the infinite possibilities of an empty weekend. Why people scorn upon me when I say, I’d like to spend the weekend sunk into the couch with my favorite author, or sleep it away with long beauty naps, or indulge it with longer restful baths or travel around the world through the TV, from inside the confines of my most favorable sanctuary – my home.

Back from hiking random peaks at 5 in the AM, my husband Roy often gives me the what a loser you are look as I snuggle deep into my crisp clean sheets and curl tighter into my foetal position under the warmth of my blanket. I wish he would spare the harmless like me and reserve those looks and spirits for somebody more deserving like Bin-Laden or Sarah Palin. He rolls his eyes when I, upon his suggestion that I need some fresh air, sneak my long nose through the ajar deck door and inhale the pure oxygen beneath the dense conifers outside. So what if that fresh air is in my yard? Doesn’t that count?? Just because my couch is an arm’s length away while I’m filling up my lungs, he says and I quote, You shame your vibrant ancestors. Here’s my point, for every slacker like me there are 10 go-getters out there who would readily take on the needs of the world. And from what I see, Roy does enough to cover me and 10 generations of no-good like me ;).  And since I dedicate my presence here  to solely bring about balance in the universe ;), I take pleasure in sitting on the couch, watch and applaud you on TV, while you reach on top of the Everest or perform that all so difficult brain surgery! Cause trust me people you don’t want one more sucker in this race :)!

And just like how I like my weekends and major part of my life, I prefer my food simple too. No doubt the rich biryanis, koftas and cutlets are very often welcome, but it is in the simple Indian food I often find comfort.

 Idli / Steamed Rice & Gram Dumplings

IMG_8013One of the most common breakfast in the south of India are these steamed puffed dumplings called Idlis. Made from fermented rice and black gram these provide sufficient crabs and proteins to get you through the day. Idlis come in different size, shape and texture…[read more]




White Pottukadalai (Roasted Gram) Chutney

IMG_8050 Ok, this chutney is very similar to the previous pottukadalai chutney that I’d posted earlier. I however have omitted the cilantro and have used tamarind instead of curd to bring in the tang. Like I said before, chutneys are all about mix and match…[read more]

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